Liberalization of e-Visa Regime

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Liberalization of e-Visa Regime

High Commission of India
Liberalization of e-Visa regime

Government of India has taken following decisions to further liberalize e-visa scheme and to promote tourism to India::

(i) A short duration e-visa for tourist, with one month validity with visa fee of USD 25 has been introduced;

(ii) The e-visa fee for a duration of 30 days during the peak season (from July to March) will be USD 25. While, the e-visa fee during the lean period (from April to June) will be USD 10.

(iii) Validity of regular e-visa with fee of USD 80 has been increased from current permissible one year to five years with multiple entry.

(Iv) Fee for one-year e-Tourist visa has been reduced from USD 80 to USD 40.

2. Despite our regular efforts to increase awareness, applicants of Indian e-visa still falling prey to fake/unauthorised website. All e-visa applicants are once again advised that is the only authorised website for grant of e-visa for India.

3. It may also be noted that e-visa are not processed by the High Commission of India, Windhoek, but directly by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. For any assistance call 24 * 7 e-Visa support center at +91-11-24300666 or send email to